Underground Teleport

Holla Blendidos,

I’m close to call this scene finished, but I wanted to hear some before-final critique.

facts about the render:

  1. It will be fully animated (part of a youtube, blender webseries)
  2. It’s a repolished work
    (The underground scene was one of my first within blender:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUabd9peP3U&hd=1 )
  3. The gun in his hand is a particle cannon, it can be found here :
    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05x9N492SMw&hd=1 )
  4. There’s an animated preview at the beginning of this video (only a quick test movement):
  5. Vertice count: 569,496 currently (that’s fairly okay as the caracter has a subsurf applied to his armor)
    Render Time : 05:31
    1920x1080, AA: 8, Blender Internal
  6. I’m using tranformed nebulae textures of the hubble space telescope for many of the emitting surfaces:
    (The Hubble Team told me they are going to make a post about the nebula tutorial on their official facebook website
    tomorrow [13.May.15] YAY :smiley: )
  7. You can click here for more awesome stuff in the future:

Cheers, looking forward to c+c,
The MoonMan,