Underground Train

This image was rendered in Maya using Mentle ray, but modeled using Blender

really cool scene. how did you come up with the idea?

Pretty nice modeling but the rendering could be worked upon, the whole image lacks interest.

By bringing your image into Photoshop and entering the “save for web and devices” menu I can lower the amount of colors used in the color table. Photoshop will then choose the most prominent colors in your image and display them in the color table.

We then see that most of your color scheme is rather gray and dull but you have some dark greens and blues in there as well. Your image is only residing on the “cool” side of the color wheel. You could bring in some warm colors to get more contrast in your image and direct the focus to the correct elements of the image.

Now the focus is rather out-of-place in this image. The stairs is currently the place of interest because of all the contrasting colors there, you got the cold greens colliding with the warm, yellow-ish concrete and a lot of detail which helps make it more interesting. If this is intentional then excuse me but I felt like it would make more sense to have the train be in focus since it was placed with the rule of thirds in mind and all the lines in the image direct the eye towards the train. However as of now the train blends in with the background and you can hardly spot it if you look at the image quickly.

Very cool image though and congratulations on finishing it :slight_smile: