Underground trainstation of Essen (germany)

back at school i have to do a work for art, how i make it and with what was free to choose, so i decided to make a blenderwork, cause i think this is the best thing i probably can do.
i only have 6-8 weeks time to finish this work here, so i do not want to waste time with rendering some camera fly overs or something else, so this will end up as a realtime scene (probably only running on high end pc’s, im sorry for that =D)
i coose the underground station of essen, because i like the lightning down there, its all lit up in blue lights, and it only looks cool :smiley:
at the moment im planning a few camera fly throughs and i hope that you will be able to move a bit auround without beeing directed by some paths.
at the moment im just modeling a lot of stupid models and unwrapping them. i only bake a AO map, texture work will be at the end.
so im wasting some faces, i will have to reduce the amount at the end, but if i have luck it will run fluent without reducing anything at all, tested some scenes with over 300k faces, without having frame problems^^
now some pictures :wink:


some more progress :wink:

ab bit larger image can be found here:


Nice job on the beveled edges on the train.

Nice economical poly flow!!
keep it up bro :wink:

Whyhave so few left comments? I think this is a really nice start for a project–especially because the project seems attainable given the time frame. Keep working, I would really like to see this finished.


Suprised to see such a good fps. keep up the good work.

Wow this looks amazing!!

thanks for the lovely comments so far :slight_smile:
i started to model the upper way, is a interesting glas-metal construction there :wink:
at the moment i do not have frame problems, everything is working well and fluently
the actual polycount is 66k and 74k verts, with two streetcars, one streetcar has around 14k faces :wink:
what is missing: the wire for the streetcars, and two elevators, something is wrong with my proportions, so i have to improvisate a little bit to place the elevators right, they’ll be where the snack automat is standing.

more updates will follow at the weekend, i think.

full size of the blender viewport:


im back with a video for you :slight_smile:
i hope moving pictures are more intersting than single images.
played around with dof and blur filter :stuck_out_tongue:
modeling in nearly completed, but as you can see in the video, there are some mesh problems, so please dont get irritated by my modeling misstakes :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for watching

Really nice start! 5 stars!
One tip to you… you maybe see that your lightmap are a few low resolution for the scene size , try improve the lightmap resolution or divide the scene into smaller pieces and use more images for lightmap.

thanks vitorbalbio :slight_smile:
my lightmaps are just simple AO baked textures and i will increase the texture resulution soon :wink:

If you´re using AO try increse the samples, that can look better too! :slight_smile:
Great job man! :smiley:

but i like this grainy ao, if its cleaner it looks boring and uninteresting :stuck_out_tongue: later on, when i have diffuse and normalmaps, then i will render cleaner ao maps :wink: but for the moment i t makes the scene maybe a bit more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

great job
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it’s great oh yeah
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something for the ones who dont like youtube :wink:
i actually have one problem, the dof filter does not use the center of my monitor to focus this central point :confused: the focus point is maybe 2/3 on the right handside of my monitor, does somebody know why this happens?

fullsize views :wink:


Wow looks super cool!

what did the advertisment said? “colour your life” ? im actually doing this :stuck_out_tongue:
a very simple colourmap, no dirt or sth like this, but i like it, ill continue tomorrow.


:eek:… dude… do you sell your models ??? Well you should… you would make TONS of $$$. You’re a pro man !!! YEAH !!! Keep going…

Happy modeling

Great video man.