Underground - updated 25/7/04

Note: Most up-to-date pic towards end of thread

Well - here is me trying to complete another scene. Hopefully I won’t give up this time.

Just the beginnings so far…


There’s a bit of a story behind this so I’ll bore you all with it.
This is from a tutorial presented in 3D World magazine in Christmas of 2002. It was a tutorial for Truespace, a version of which appeared on the cover.

I’ve tried at various times to model the scene in Truespace, Blender, Realsoft 3D and now back with Blender again. Even though the tutorial was written for Truespace I have to tell you I am finding it easier to put together in Blender.

Although it looks like I’ve made a vague effort with materials and lighting - this is really just to make the scene a little more interesting to look at as I’m going. The grey was making me depressed.

I’ve still got quite a bit of modelling to do before I seriously struggle with the materials and lighting and I do mean struggle. :smiley:

Comments are welcome.


I like where you’re heading. Do some material for the ground and try do add a dirt look to it all… Maybe add a ripped poster to the wall :slight_smile: Increase the light energy a bit too, I guess.

how did you get that tube light effect?

I have been using blender for a few months now, but cant do that, unless it was done with radiosity, which I can do :wink:

I like the idea. Keep it up.

Thanks for the comments guys.

In detail…

mayan: The idea is that it ends up looking quite dirty. I’ve started with the brand spanking new tunnel and then I’m going to age it. :slight_smile: I hadn’t thought about increasing the intensity of the light because I was hoping it would still look a bit dark. However, there will be three fluoros in the end so it probably wouldn’t hurt to make it lighter. Will look into it.

There will definitely be posters - not ripped ones, but encased in glass/plastic.

vaibhanv: Thanks. I’m embarrassed to take any compliments regarding the fluoros because all I did was turn up the emit value of the globe’s materials to 1 and plonked a default lamp just under it. There’s probably a few lighting gurus giggling by now. :expressionless:

anogarlr: Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve found since I’m downright useless at modelling organic objects, I should try to see if I can at least model a scene with geometric objects.


OK - a small update.
I said originally that I wouldn’t seriously work on lighting and materials, but I just couldn’t help playing.


Anyway - changes are:

Starting to put the electrical wiring in to light the fluoros complete with junction boxes.
Increased the lighting strength and added another fluoro towards the end.
Dirtied up the materials with procedural textures. I used a dense cloud to get an overall gritty feel (small amount of bumpmapping) and then I added a broader grime also with cloud procedurals.
With the floor I put a basic stucci bumpmapped and added the same procedural grime I put on the walls.

I don’t know if I like the black looking grime at this point - anyone got an opinion on this?


I updated this again.
Decided to dump the grime for the moment as it looks more like very strange shadows. Will have to come back to this.

Meanwhile, I’ve added the small “in case of emergency break glass” fire alarm and connector cables to the lights and the fire alarm.

Still plenty to do. I still have to model the other end of the tunnel yet sigh.



Hi all,

This is a very minor update.
I’ve added the train platform and tunnel at the end.
I’ve also put some brackets over the wiring cables.

And you can see a nice big grey square thing on the right hand side.
That is the start of a poster.

Unfortunately, I’m having great difficulty getting a simple jpg image on this thing.
As this is just a cut out rectangle from a tube primitive with the normals flipped so that they point inwards - what is the best way to map an image to this thing?

Can anyone help me?