Understanding curves and handles

The wiki says:

A handle is always tangent to the curve. The ‘steepness’ of the curve is controlled by the handle’s length, any “H” to a “C”. The longer a handle is the steeper the curve (i.e. the more curve wants to hug the handle).

But while grabbing one end point on a handle and playing with it, it seems that lengthing the the handle, doesnt really control steepness. But moving the handle over and down or up does control steepness.

Dragging the handle up, lengthens the curve. Or am I missing something?


I like the hugging part, thats cool.

Oh, wait. Its whatever perspective you view it from…

No. Ok it looks like one side of the handle controls length better and the other side controls slant better. Meaning the closer the point is the the center point of the handle the faster the curve adjust to your movement. Is this true? Or am I just making it up.

I see that another lightbulb has turned on in the dark sea of confusion. yea!