Understanding new layer render system, collection and workspace

(gritche) #41

I would like them to put back the old 3D view layer buttons, for the first 20 collections
it allows to organize the scene visually and personally I never use the shortcuts for layers

(gritche) #42

yes i like it :slight_smile:

(cdog) #43

Shortcuts for collections seem redundant and useless to me. Without numbers displayed it’s harder to tell which collection belongs to which number and even with numbers displayed it quickly becomes more tedious to type the number than just clicking an icon.

(Markus Mayer) #44

@cdog number display is already there.

What I didn’t get is how this should work for more than 10 collections, let alone 20.
I can imagine these numbers will be easily reached in full blown production scenes, won’t they?

(Renzatic) #45

I with cdog on this. Being able to hit a hotkey to select a collection is a fluff feature. Nice to have around, but using it won’t make you 1000% more productive compared to those who don’t or anything. Just organize everything appropriately, and give them names that’ll make them easy to track down when your scene starts getting busy, and you won’t ever struggle with it.

Personally, I like the new outliner. It’s not vastly different than what Modo offered in their outliner, which I always thought was a lot easier to organize and sort through than the old Blender setup. The biggest difference (from what I’ve seen) is you can’t cut and paste objects between collections. You have to move them manually.

(Markus Mayer) #46

Don’t get me wrong with this I also doubt that this numbering system will have much impact on the majority of workflows. I am also with you, that the new outliner is much superior to the old one and believe will still grow into a very useful tool.
I am especially in doubt of the handling of “bigger” numbers, as asked.
Talking about it I’m thinking about some kind of custom numbering. Something like a “favorits” system. That might be useful for the most often used/ worked on objects. But maybe one will put them in collection 1 anyway.
Got to play more with this stuff to make up my mind. Haven’t spend much time in 2.8 by now.
We’ll see…

(Renzatic) #47

If I were to take a random stab at a guess, the only thing they intend to do is use 0-9 and alt 0-9 to keep things somewhat familiar for the people used to the old layers system. They could maybe allow you to select more by using ctrl, and ctrl+alt, but really, once you get past 20, it’s kinda ridiculous.

(Markus Mayer) #48

That’s what I was thinking about. It would mean we’ll be able to reach to reach the first ten objects in each of the first ten collections. While that sums up to a hundred it still feels a bit competing the concept of “unlimited” collections altogether.
In that case I like @YAFU 's idea of + number (especially when incorporating the numpad) a lot more.

(Lsscpp) #49

My elaboration of the mockup: better use of space, less risk of seeing that left column expand wildly

(English is not my native language) #50

Yeah, great. Less space is always good.

(Zuorion) #51

Maybe even further and place number inside collection icon like object and mesh icons have?

(burnin) #52

yes, i too think that minimizing Collections to single icons (representing what’s inside if collapsed) with optional ‘info’ Tooltip would suffice

(English is not my native language) #53

Hi burnin. Just in case, what you mention corresponds to the mockup that has been created by @dfelinto and it is very possible that it is that way in 2.8 since he is the developer. What @lsscpp and I have added to the image is the possibility to see the Collections and subcollections order number in Outliner stack.

(zanzio) #54

Guys, I have been thinking about the collection viability hotkeys. I don’t think they’ll work well given the fact that we can have any number of nest-able collections.

This system worked in the past because we only had a limited number of layers as well as an onscreen widget to inform us of which layers were in use. It will be too easy to forget which collection belongs to each number in the current system.

Sure we could manually re-order/assign numbers to each collection, but this is info we can easily forget if we can’t see the outliner. I think we should just get some sort of simple widget for this and use the old layer hotkeys for something else (one of the goals was to simplify the keymap as well). Maybe we can have some sort of panel that just lists the collections or something.

(Michael W) #55

It’s actually a smart compromise! For simple scenes it works great like before… for complicated scenes you can use the outliner and name your collections. It’s actually great in my opinion… even with 20 layers the old system was hard to remember what was in each layer… with the m key moving objects between collections or creating new ones and drag and drop in the outliner it’s getting the speed and friendliness and familiarity of the old system whilst adding extensibility

(Charbel Nicolas) #56

Since collections now only show a single numbered icon for every object type nested within, it would be nice if, let’s say, said icon was clicked, the collection would expand only displaying that type of object, it would act as a small but very useful filter.

Blender 2.8 User Interface/Usability
(Pitiwazou) #57

Hey guys, will we loose the possibility to work on different layers per view with collections in 2.8?
This is sooooooo useful O_o I don’t want to loose that!!!

(dracoroot7) #58

does the new local view hiding settings work across all view ports or just the one you set it in?

(Pitiwazou) #59

what new local view hiding?

(Indy_logic) #60

Yep. Collections are global.