Understanding rotation

Hi all,

I am busy modeling a lifttruck of which I want the wheels to both rotate and to steer. However, when I add keyframes to the desired rotation eulers i get an unwanted result. Clearly I have difficulty to understand how to configure this in a proper manner.

Please have a look at the file i added to this post. In layer one I only applied the steering rotation to the rear wheels and that works fine, but when i also add rotation to the rear wheels (as seen in layer 6) it gives an unwanted rotation result.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


020418.blend (9.05 MB)

Might want to check your Euler orders. It’s usually the middle one that will gimbal-lock. (Which is the axis you least want to rotate upon.) Just tested and it seems ZXY does the job for your wheels.

I think that old video explains how gimbal lock works fairly well, in case it needs to be more clear.

Thanks for your answer, I was already looking into drivers to get this done. But this seems a far more simple solution. However, when I try the setting u recommended it did not gave me the desired result. Am I perhaps looking at the wrong thing here?

Hey, You are - pauljs75_ is talking about the ‘object data’ panel - under ‘transforms’ there is a box that says “rotations”

Also make sure your rotations and scale are ‘applied’ before you animate, just looked at ur file

You can put a driver on your wheels “y” rotation, target the truck(cube.005) X location, name your ‘variable’ “distance”, put that name in the ‘scripted expr’ box then divide your wheels diameter in half, put that number after the divide sign (distance/1.066) then when you move the truck your wheel will rotate correctly, do the same for the steer wheels.

Thanks for the how-to regarding a driver. I already tried with with the help of a youtube video from 2013, but lots of things are changed in the driver section so I didn’t get that working. I will try tomorrow with the help of your how-to.

Managed to get it done with the help of the video here below, thx!