Understanding save/load

Ok i am a little confused about the save and load so im going to try and ask a few questions.

I am making a 3ps zombie game in a city i want the person to be able to be running down a street turn a corner and when he touches it, save the scene and load a scene which will play a cinematic of like a boss or mob after someone. and then return to that scene and load it to were he entered it.

my questions is how would i do such a thing what exact logic bricks i need how is this dont, and the procedure so everyone that has wondered how they could could understand it.

also. and would you say after cinematic it could like spawn certain units after it after or not ? like after scene triggers ?

Going around corner -> Add Animation


Immediately -> pause main game scene and remopve object that paused it to prevent it happening again
After length of animation -> remove animation and resume game. also send message for mob attack

You will want to use delay sensors for the animation conditions probably, and scene actuators for all.

‘Running around the corner’ can be a ‘near object’ sensor for something that is around the corner.

If you want something to happen at this point, consider having your resume main scene condition also cause a message actuator which will send something like ‘spawn mob’.

Then your main scene will have a few empties listening with a ‘spawn mob’ message sensor. Upon receiving this message, the empties will create more enemies (add object, which is a subclass of edit object actuator) and remove themselves as they are no longer needed. (end object, which is also a sub class of edit object actuator)

Main Scene:
empty object around the cornerL
Near ‘player’ --> add overlay scene ‘cinematic’
Near ‘player’ --> end object

Cinematic scene:
delay 0 --> pause scene ’ game’
delay 120 --> resume scene ‘game’
delay 120 --> message ‘spawn mob’
delay 120 --> remove scene ‘cinematic’

Main Scene:
empty object around the cornerL
Message ‘spawn mob’’ --> add object ‘enemy’
Message ‘spawn mob’’ --> end object (self)\

hmm so you want me to do scene in the same scene i am not totally understanding this i think because of how your explaining could you clear the steps a little bit better for someone a little less experience with these things your saying sorta feels like you saying it as if we know exact what all these do or were they are ?

I assume you know how to use logic bricks, if you’re having troubles, look at a few tutorials to get more comfortable with the game engine in general.

What I was saying is to ‘pause’ the main game temporarily while your animation plays in front.Then, upon the end of your animation, resume the main scene. and add a few enemies.

Saving and loading would probably work, but is more complicated, and doesn’t work as well with just Logic as it does with Python, so I suggested my alternate solution.

Try some stuff and see what you can come up with.