Understanding scene setup (linking objects)

Hi all,

I have a problem understanding the scene setup in Blender 2.8.

I created a scene with animations (keyframes, follow path contstraints, nla tracks, etc).

Now I wanted to create a new scene, in which I want to reuse my main character.

But when I link it into the new scene, it comes with all the animations of the previous scene.
I tried already several Objects->Relations settings, but with no success.

I saw a tutorial (for an older version) with Link Object Data, which did the trick - if I understood the video correctly.
But unfortunately, this option is missing in 2.8

Is there a proper way to link only the object without its animations, so I can start the scene from scratch?

Thanks in advance

Do you need the objects to be linked? The purpose of linking is so that changes in one scene/file show up in the linked scene/file. Thus if you change the geometry or a material in the original, it will show in all the other scenes. Future versions of Blender will have overrides which will allow you to change a linked object, but leave the original unchanged.

If you don’t need this connection, try copy-paste. Select the objects you want in the original scene, pres CTRL-C, go to the new scene and press CTRL-V. Then delete all the animations, modifiers, constraints, etc., and you can start fresh.