Understanding simple BGE Physics

Hey everyone!

So I’m a total noob, I’m trying to make a simulation of a ball, and I want it to roll down a hill. I was reading the manual, and it said that rigid body was my best bet. I set the hill to a static object. I thought that this would work. Problem is, the ball falls right through the hill!

Can someone tell me why this is happening? :/?

shared_box.blend (571 KB)

scale it up, or lower your margin size

scaling x10- made it work

(your objects are smaller then the margin around the object)

Check your collision bounds. I would set your ramp to a convex hull instead of a box. Right now, your sphere, while not inside the ramp, is within the collision bound.

I got it to work by setting the platforms collision bound to “Convex Hull” and set the margins of both the platform and the sphere to about 400thou(mil) of metric of about (1cm)

Thanks guys! It works great now! I guess for some reason, I didn’t get any emails to your replies. I guess I need to fix that too!