Understanding the back wheel parts of Harlley davidson.

This is my first time modeling a bike, so I have no experience like what else should be needed here except the pulley, suspension, and disc brake. As you can see, there is huge gap between the rear wheel and other parts.

I looked at many reference photos but they are not much of help. The bike is 883 1998 sporster.

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You will need more reference, dont be affraid to search for general harley davidson parts ( rear wheel )? …

google image, youtube… you know, if you dont find the information for a specific model, try see how look other models of the same brands. and adapt if needed.

There will be a rear brake caliper and its mounting plate there.

I was modeling a bike a while back (got stalled for a number of reasons) but eBay is your best friend.

Search for the parts you are trying to model. Things like <insert your bike model here> rear wheel, rear brakes, rear hub, rear spindle etc.

You’ll most likely get a lot of nice photos of the part from multiple angles.

I am using youtube videos but they are still not enough. They are just showing bike in general :frowning: I am using different models right now. But none of them is helping. I am trying to find more reference.

You know rear wheel are pretty simple on thoses motorcycles:

I have do some custom Sporster (based on an XL35) a long time ago .The most complex, who is too the most fun is to model the engine…

Honestly, when you will have add the axes you should have all.

Thanks, Lane! This will definitely help!

No problem, good luck for your project…