Undertale Sans

Need critique! What i can notice myself is that the scale looks off as well as the stool obviously.

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this is great work
the scene looks amazing
some rocks are great and some looks smooth, i think you shold work on the textures ,specially the ground
may add some sky or clouds and some rundomnes on the ground, stones dust

On track to a really cool piece here!
It looks like those strongly illuminated rocks are stealing a bit too much attention to me. With that adjusted and some rim light added I feel it could be greatly improved.

Thank you! I thought about that too, however i’m not sure of how to make that rimlight. I tried making the rock wet looking but i cant find a single good tutorial for it that isnt 2 hours long :/…

For the rimlight, it might work to place a large, dim area light fairly close behind the character so as not to skrew up the scene’s illumination. As for making wet rocks, a slight darkening of the diffuse color plus a clearcoat should do the trick (Principled has a soft limit of 1.0 for clearcoat, so it can be set higher.).