Underwater building

Ok, i am making a 3d tour of a hotel/resort. And as the title says… its underwater. What would be the best way to make it look like its underwater? Like when you look out the windows… how can i do that? Ideas?

That’s a good challenge! First off, Set your world to blue blended upside down; light blue at the top and dark at the bottom. Use an aggressive Mist setting so stuff drops off fast.

Another really awesome effect is to go to the compositor and use the displace node on your render with the displacement being fed by a clouds texture. Even better is if the clouds texture has its z-coordinate slowly animated. This is an effect that can be applied in post-which is great, because you can then tweak it without having to rerender. That’s also a good time to do some color tweaking, and speaking of color tweaking, the further you go underwater the more the colors fade out, starting with red.

Also, the further you go, the darker it becomes. A Spot light with a voumetric halo set can make for a really neat look, too - just remember that you have to move the light to the side of your camera, if you put it directly over the camera it blows your scene out. Maybe do a little bit of research on underwater photography. Not only will you get a good idea of what it really looks like down there, but reading how photographers overcome the limitations of shooting down there will give you an idea (working backwards) of what you need to add to make the effect realistic.


And those blurry rays of sunlight in the murky water

I have but one idea to help you achieve this goal (other than the ones provided)…VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING (not sure if its spelled right or not)

edit-meh i missed the fact that it was already covered…grrr lol, but that shows how good of an idea it is.