Underwater City

For my first complex image I have decided to make an underwater city. It could also be a space colony too. Currently trying to come up with some way of breaking up the symetry without having strange results.


I guess next I will need to figure out how to do UV mapping, but I am not sure that will be enough to break up the symetry.

Comments and suggestions?

That looks really good. There is a link in my sig to a tut on UV mapping that also has a link to a more advanced tut on UV mapping that I made,…It does not cover all of the new tools though, so definately familiarize yourself with recent release notes, and especially, do a search for ‘LSCM’, which is now the main UV mapping tool.

Chevy makes underwater cities now? Not sure if that’s good or bad…:o :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats really a really kewl idea. Are you going to make a whole scene and with lights in buildings and stuff?
(I also like the way you did the commentary thing. Another good idea.)

Very nice, it’s quite clever on how you use both a transparent dome and a wire dome to create the dome. :slight_smile:

I will probably use this in a game (prerendered) so I am not sure on the scene yet. If I do, I will have the main ring where the docking bays are in a specific color. Probable colors will be red (enemy), green (own), and yellow (ally).

Hoping to texture the lights in the buildings so it seems very large with tiny lights on different levels up each of the buildings. Then I may use an image editor to fade the large picture about 50% so it can be used as the city command screen background.

And hopefully by that time I will have found a faster cpu. :slight_smile: