Underwater egg scene (New textures!)

Hello Y’all. I have been Blendering this for a while, and have just remembered about it, so I have decided to show it. I might be almost done with it, BUT I think I need to give it a few days in WIP wit some crits before I call it quits. Ok, the image is here:
Tell me what you think.
P.S. I originally planned an animation with this, but I ran into a few problems. (mostly animating the light from the surface and trying to find a believable way to crack them) So cracking/ Animation is out, for now.

Hey, that’s cool! One thing - how about giving the seabed just a bit more texture (other than the illumination-through-water one) to make it more realistic? Just something with Nor enabled.

Thanks for your reply, xarton. And, since you were the only one, I took it to heart, lol. I redid the textures and redid the lighting as well. Here is a better version:
Also, during my quest to create my best image as of late, I made the objects lit by the ambient occulsion setting that makes the World setting colors be able to change the lighting. By doing this, and making the water transparent somewhat, I can easily change the time of day.


Night (somewhat):

Note: I am not working on the later 2 images, just the first, so comments/critisism is only asked for for the 1st image.

P.S. It may seem dark on some monitors, and bright on others. Get an LCD screen folks %| . Or just a Gamma check thing…

Hey, are they Yoshi’s eggs?

Anyway, I can see a few problems with the lighting here. It looks much too bright for being underwater, everything would have a much darker tone and there wouldn’t be much contrast. Also, everything should have a blue tone, especially white objects.

The surface is probably too wild as well, try using smooth surface with some ripples and a high reflection.

Here’s a photo that shows what I mean: http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/~skumar/photography/previous/others/underwater.jpg

Keep it up.

Alas, I forgot about the whole “water reflects” deal, lol. They were originally Yoshi type eggs, a simple texturing test, but then I decided to put them underwater, for only God knows why…
Any way, I’ll work on those issues…