Underwater light rays issue with eevee

Hi guy’s, i am currently working on an underwater scene and i have a few issue with volumetric and eevee.

As you can see in the image i have a plane with holes in it to fake light rays since eevee cannot do the correct one like in cycle but the problem is i cannot figure a way to hide the plane with holes while keeping the effect of the light shafts.

In max i would have been able to remove the plane from rendering and keep the light shafts but in blender i tried disabling in collection both the the eye and disable in render but it still show up.

So is there something i am missing here or is there a better way to achieve it?

You can create a transparent material with shadow only with settings like this:

I hope this is what you had in mind

Thank Jerzy this was very close to completely solve the issue but the holes in the plane are still visible in certain angle here a pic;

OK reducing the light radius fix the holes issue but i need to do more test to see if it is going to work in every angle with various light setup.

I will come back and mark is as solution if everything work as intended.

Thank to you now i know how to hide object.

U sure it’s a plane?
I guess it’s not and what you see are the shadow casted by the top face of the solid on the depth of the hole.

Hi Lazy it’s a plane with solidify on it so you are right about the shadow, i did some test with the solidify modifier but i will not need it anymore.

I will mark it as a solution but later a bit since i just want to see if some other clever blender users have a better way to achieve it in Eevee since this is OK for a static shot but a no go for animation.

The ideal solution would be like in this tutorial here but i tried it in Eevee and it is not working, go to 15:55 ;

I spent a fair amount of time to make it work in Eevee unsuccessfully so if anyone have idea then please share with us.