Underwater Lighting Effects?

(SpottedRose) #1

Hello, all… I’m trying to create an underwater scene of a couple of dolphins swimming. I have everything I want, but the one thing that’s missing is the effect of light shining through the water onto the dolphins. Left in this picture is the latest render. Right is what I’m looking for. Any ideas would be most appreciated !
Thanks, -Fadolphinsunderwater|690x284

(CarlG) #2

I would most definitely add some fake caustics (your link is broken) to add what I expect you’re after. This would be my general approach, although stuff like coordinate blurring and so on would have to be scaled according to your scene. The upper part of the nodes could be made into a node group that is then added using Add Shader to all materials effected.

(SpottedRose) #3

Yes, that’s exactly what I want. Here’s what I’ve got so far (hopefully this link won’t be broken!).

I’ll give it a try, and thanks!

(SpottedRose) #4

Forgive me for what’s probably a Noob question, but the Util.Mapping.Blur node, is that one you constructed yourself? (I haven’t done any node creation myself so far.)

(CarlG) #5

Yeah, I found it in this tutorial. Sorry, unable to bring up my node at the moment. In reality, the pattern would change with depth, due different interference patterns. But we can’t do that without proper caustics or some very heavy 3D generator node setup that I wouldn’t be able to setup. So instead I’m increasing the texture coordinates with depth. Might also want to decrease the amount with depth if you had a sea floor where the effect only showed in shallow waters.