Underwater Scene (new image added 05/23)

Ok… I have been all over the place with this project… from blender help to here… I decided to just consolidate the project into one new thread.

So please… do have patience with me.

Where I stand:

Probably 90% of model completed. Thanks greatly to Fligh% for his help in rigging both the robotic arm and the claw. Having done nothing more than a basic camera flyby in animations, this was tricky to me. But I got it. Thanks Fligh%!

Now it is time to get down underwater… here is a basic image I created last night. Using Ken’s underwater scene for template. Whatya think?


I just hope everyone here is not bored or tired of hearing about his project… sigh


thanks for looking!

C&C most welcome…


That looks pretty cool, I like the model and it makes me want to jump in and explore the depths of the ocean! As for critics I think that the water is pretty clear, maybe it would come out more realistic you’d make the mist start a bit closer to the camera and maybe make the mist have a bit smoother transition in density (sorry don’t know how to say it differently, hope you understand what I mean… bigger space between no mist and very dense mist). Also some small particles floating around in the water would improve on the reality I think. Ofcourse some rocks, coral, sealife and stuff would look nice too. Keep up the good work!

That really looks good! I’d expect to see something like that in Popular Science magazine. They always use illustrations like that.

your model is well thought out…really nice work all round:D Of course the caustics/lighting raise the level of quality in a big way

looks a bit barren imo :stuck_out_tongue:
But um sure your just gettign started…

The REAL problem lies in the “depth” of the image.
Thats a deep range submersible… and as much as the sun lights the floor… that sub would never be launched in that shallow of water when free divers could manage it easilly… so the water either has to be alot deeper… or remove the sand alltogeather.

Tum and Dragon…interesting points… I get where you are going with that…

Spin and Delta… thanks for the input and compliments… I’ll get another render going… and see if I can get more depth to her…


Thanks for the help!



editted the mist some to try and give more depth and changed the camera angle… whatya think now???


looks good but for some reason I like the first angle better… hmm, maby you could add a deep trench or pit or something that its about to go into?

also, great lighting, really makes the mood

I think the materials on some of the attachments could use a little work, great model though. I’m kinda sad you took the ground out :(… it was reaaaally nice, even without the lighting because it would be deeper it’s still nice to see more of an environment than just water. I like the trench idea, I was thinking about that when I saw it too :-p


came back to this project… Using the new CVS build of blender and the DOF tutorial found here:


I came up with the following image:


Am I getting any closer to looking like we are in the murky depths?

thanks for looking and let me know what you think!


Enable shadows on the spotlights so that the arm casts a place inside the halo where light isn’t. That will make it look a lot more realistic.

hi cujo, as someone stated before, it could really use more context, like some crazy deep underwater see urchin or something! I like the object, and the DOF adds some interesting character to the image. what is the object under the submersible? it looks like it could use a set smooth, but i may be incorrect.

I am looking into designing an underwater scene myself and I would like to look at the pictures you have posted but they aren’t loading for me. They seem to have been deleted/moved from the server. Could you re-post them so I can take a look?