Underwater scene WIP (Update01)

This is underwater scene to point and click adventure game. It is not aimed toward realism but rather fairy tale atmosphere :slight_smile:

C&C ?

1st update

Previous version


wow… so realistic it loks like my fish tank at home…

i read you didnt want care about realism but i gota give ya props for it anyhow.

very nic :wink: e

mmmm underwater… i like the rock shapes and textures although the one in the lower left looks plasticy (the one with all the specular on it). the other thing that bugs me is the water colour - it seems a bit too um blue (although maybe cartoony is the look you want?)

… and it may be too much work but i would like to see the sunlight streaming through the water - rays of sunlight illuminated by the particles in the water.

… and lastly the three small rocks (2 on right - one on left) are both three tier rocks … maybe mix it up a bit more, cuz they look like they were duplicated.

Looks really cool, I like it alot :smiley: what game is it anyway?

But… where is nemo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really great (and cute) underwater scene! The only strange thing is that the green(?) seaweeds seem to have no shadows. Except that, I think this scene is awesome!

Beautiful colours of the corals -almost like jewels. very nice indeed.

However, like alX said, the coral in the bottom left looks too shiny and I’m also missing those sunrays and rippling patterns of light on the sea floor.

I think the background could be slightly darker, depending on how far underneath the surface you are, but this is good!

Try adding gloomness for a more pacific theme, such as haze in the background and make the water cold if you know what I mean. Or if you are going for a tropical look add a texture to sum spot lights and then shine it overhead :wink:

that looks great, i love those corals and plants. one thing that comes to mind is you might try adding a light pattern on the upper part of the water.

I’m a cold water scuba diver so don’t take my words as definite fact, but there should be better visibility in tropical water (which, judging from the environment, yours definitely is). Also, partially due to the extended visibility, don’t stop the scene forty feet in front of the viewer–IMO it should be continued as far as the eye can see (well, pretty far anyway). The coral shouldn’t be shiny. The light is good, though–this far down you don’t really get the shimmery effect on the seafloor (as far as I know–might be different in tropical waters which are generally very clear). If you want to get realistic with the bottom (although it probably doesn’t matter for your fairytale atmosphere) you could add ridges in the sand. Kinda hard to explain, but they’re caused by underwater currents or something–all wavy and going the same direction. Anyway, it’s pretty good. The rocks are interesting and the coral is nice and varied just like it would be in real life.

Thank you guys for ideas, I´ll try to post updated version soon :slight_smile:

New updated version is in the first post:)

I have tried to add some of your thoughs, althoug some elements I decided to leave as it was.

Light beams are not very bright as well as light pattern on the sand, as this sohould be one of the locations in deeper water and so it wouldn´t serve its atmosphere wel.

On the other hand tt is true, that I would be more dark in reality or more cleare in case of tropical sea, but this is fairy tale sea and more then realistic approach I need to end with fairy tale atmospherical look.

In other words I try not to receive observer´s reaction like “wow, it´s so real!” but rather “ah, beatiful!”. I don´t know, I did well, but it is I try to reach :slight_smile:

What I wrote is not meant as some sort of excuse, but only as overview of what I am looking for and in which direction of comments I would like to get.

Please tell me not how to make it more real, but how to make it more “beautiful” and “fairy-tailish” (but no, I don´t want to make clasiccal cartoon with hard edges ) :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Wow, looks really good. Has the good underwater feeling. Great colours

Perhaps some dust and little things floating in ths water.

To make it more “beautiful”, (which is for each one himself to decide if he think it is), I would suggest to make the colours even more defined. Right now, the whole piece give a very blue impression. (Which is good because it’s underwater) But still, some more happily-coloured coralls would do nice, especially orange or yellowish ones I think, in contrast to the blue. To add some yellow, and some fairytale-feeling, perhaps an open treasure-chest with gleaming coins in it could do? And perhaps a few coines in the sand. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the game then.
Make a shadow of a sunken ship in the background, barely visible, to add a feeling of mystery?

Well, all those are just my suggestions.

Hope you have any use of my thoughts!

help how do you connect vertices

Your image links are dead. :-?