underwater scene

This is my first attempt at doing an underwater scene. It is also my first attempt at rigging and posing, so please excuse any deformation problems. The character was created in MakeHuman and textured in Blender. I used the book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” to help me with the rigging. I pulled a few of the textures off of CGtextures and made the others both in Photoshop and Blender. This is still in the early stages. I hope to learn much about underwater lighting and rigging.

Hope you like it.


the treasure chest looks lumpy… could use more detail. the underwater effect is good though…

Well, the algae and the sea floor needs work. Let’s have a closeup of the character!

Here is a closeup. Please excuse the posing(that’s why he’s not shown closeup in the full project).


lol, he’s freaky, but cool! I would lower the specularity on his face, human skin doesn’t usually receive light in a specular way…(that’s why SSS came out.) He would only receive specularity if he came out of the water. And if that’s supposed to be hair coming out of his head, then I would actually use static particles.