Underwater Visulization

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on a project with my fellow colleagues where we have simulated the underwater oil plumes from the BP oil spill (Think cloud of oil spewing out of a pipe). Our goal is to use this scientific data in order to design better methods of controlling a disaster like this.

We have all the data, and I have an .obj file of the mesh that I would like to render. I want to try to create an underwater scene, basically make it look like I’ve taken a picture of this event underwater.

I have little experience with rendering/lighting, and i’m not aiming for photo real, just a well created image that I can show to others so they can get a better sense of what was going on.

I’m using the newest version of blender, any tips/suggestes you guys have would be great!


I attached a picture so you have a better sense of what i’m trying to accomplish.


Can you post the .obj or a shot of it so we can see what you’re working with? What did you use to get the data, out of curiosity, and does the data consist of? (oil volumetric flow, fluidics data, etc?).

Not 100% sure what you’re going for - you say you want something that looks like you took a picture of the spill, but, there’s a picture of the spill right there in your post… so what specifically are you trying to visually communicate?

Sounds like a cool project! Cheers,

Hi Andrew!

It’s a noble quest to find better ways to prevent dumb ass disasters like oil spills. Thank you for that.

Here’s something that may help: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/creating-an-underwater-scene
About the underwater oil maybe you can do something with the smoke simulator.
The oil in your reference image looks like smoke with a oil texture…