Underwater ...

Here is my attempt to create a fish…
Please post your C&Cs

Very nice! Lovely textures and materials, and good modelling. I really like the way it catches the light, and the head and eyes are spot on.

That line in the background image is a bit confusing. The fishes fins arn’t quite right, they should come to a point, becoming transparant at the end, and not have a tile texture on them - the fins have the same colour and reflectiveness as the scales, but differant texture to them. Have a look at come photos of fish and you’ll see what I mean.

if you can, change the texture on the fins, scales on fish are just on the body:)

Update #1
Here is the first update

Changed the background
Played with materials a little

really good, best fish i have ever seen

looks real…can i touch it?

This looks pretty good. The lighting needs a bit of tweaking to make the fish fit in more with its surroundings.


wow, very good.
two things i find a little bit off:

  1. the head - but maybe its this special kind of fish
  2. the structure of the fins

i agree about the fins but otherwise it’s a very good job! nice work!!!

The apearance of the fins changed after adding an armature to the fish in order to pose it properly.Is there anyway to fix this ?