Undesired patterns foriming in fluid system floater particles.

I am getting these weird patterns in my foam/floater particles from the fluid particle system and it looks very unnatural. I’m not sure what is causing this pattern but it looks really noticeable. Ill post a video of the animation soon as soon as I get my Adobe Premier Pro reactivated. There are no settings for the particles in the physics tab that such as “subrames” or the like that give me any control over this. Is this just a flaw with Blender’s fluid system or is there a way to get around this?


These aren’t showing in the above post for some reason.

Just thought I’d mention for anyone with this problem down the road, is was the fluid “Smoothness” that got rid of the steps in the fluid domain and as a result floater particles as well. Bumping up from 1 to 3 eliminated the pattern.