Undo Extrude

Hey y’all,

I extruded a few thousand verts then saved and closed Blender. the next time I opened it, i realized that i wasnt supposed to extrude. This is long after the “undo” function is still useable; how can i sort of undo an extrusion if its even possible.
The issue with going and deleting it manually, is that there are thousands of verts (its a hair mesh for the Game Engine).

Thanks in advance!

Undo in Blender, just like in every program I’m aware of, is only available within a session. Pay attention to what you’re doing before you save in the future. For now, perhaps dissolving some edges and vertices will be the best way for you to backtrack your current mesh, but you’re going to have to fix it manually or start over.

You might be lucky enough to find a .blend1 or .blend2 etc file that is the file in its last form before the save you will have to look for these files in the same directory that you have been saving to. If you have that option checked in the preferences Blender does save the last however many versions of a file but you have to have saved to get it. The other option is to file menu> recover_auto_save and see if there is a time stamped version that goes back to where you want to. Good luck.

Thanks, but since i saved the hair separately on another .blend file, I’ll just re-import. I didn’t do this earlier because the messed up one has animations and shape keys and I didn’t want to redo them, but il do it anyways. Thanks everyone!

Did you extrude and then move the verts?

Or was it extruded into the same exact spot as the original vertices? If that was the case then for next time you can select all verts, press w, then ‘remove doubles’.