UNDO for 3d Cursor

Many is the time I’ve misplaced the 3dC. UNDO does not put it back.

Is this reasonable? Shouldn’t UNDO work in this case? It’s a PITA.


I too would like to know this. There must be a way

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I’ve always wondered this. I don’t have an answer at the moment, but I imagine it would also be pretty trivial to come up with an add-on for this. You’d have to map it to some other key combination, like ctrl + shift + z or something, but it should be pretty straightforward.

EDIT: I realize ctrl + shift +z is taken by redo, but if there’s an open key combo it could really be anything.

Sounds like a Feature Request.

I’m pretty surprised this is the situation, considering the past importance of the 3dC.

Shift - C puts the cursor back in the centre.

I dont think it is usefull for all.
If i want to make an mesh undo und have press several times undo cause of 3dC changes is annoying too.

I can imagine there is a good reason for it not being part of the undo command. But if there was a shortcut or button to press after I accidentally place the 3D cursor for the hundredth time, that would be awesome.

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Why would you be moving the 3dc if you didn’t need to?

It’s usually an accident like you want to right click, but you have shift held down for whatever reason.

Which is WHY I want an UNDO to place it back at it’s previous position.

Moving the 3dc is an action. Actions should be UNDOable.

I agree. There are many things needing to be fixed about the 3D cursor, this is but one.

It’s not a bug it’s a Feature!
I love the fact that undo does not work for cursor.

EG I have a selection of vertices and need the cursor on a specific vertice using it as pivot. Now I select the vertice and use cursor to selected. Then I use the undo to get my selection and do my operation.

Great! keep it like it is!

FYI with Kekit you can store 3D cursor positions using Cursor Bookmarks, so you can ‘undo’ certain changes.

I think the Undo and Redo would be nice additions for a 3D cursor pie (and as separate operators too).

THANKS for the reminder: soooo many plugins. +1

Can someone outline a scenario where, if you WANT to undo a 3dc move, you WOULDN’T want to undo other operations? That is, I don’t see the use case for having a “3dc Undo” in a different undo stack than the normal one. AFAICT, you would almost always want to both undo a 3dc move and it’s associated action together, because you made mistake in its placement.

Still, it’s very nice to have the stored 3dc positions available for repeatability. Just like “stored views”.