undo key

on 2.46 the u key does not work. how do you undo? is there a manual for this version?


CTRL-Z for undo and CTRL-SHIFT-Z for redo.

Ctrl-Z like in most apps … I didn’t even know U was used for undo (I have been a user since 2.42a) … They might have changed it to move the UV calculation into Edit Mode .

I was thinking if the Ctrl-Z has some mnemonic: what does the letter Z in actually mean? It is commonly used shortcut, but what can be its origin? It would be nice to learn this. Is this some kind of sleeping “ZZZZZ”, or to become quite kind of “unZzzure” what you have lately done, or what do you think?

Just imagine you are German and Z stands for zurück which is German for backward. :slight_smile:

u was the oooold way of undoing. It was before the days of proper undo, you could only go back to the mesh you had when you changed to edit mode.

I think it’s just easy to have Ctrl+ASZXCV - select all, save, undo, cut, copy, paste - right next to each other. The one I never got was how a lot of apps use Ctrl+Y for redo

Alt-U keys will pop-up a “Undo History” window where you can choose a particular state to go back, and this, for each individual mode.

I just click on the undo button, it still works for me like it always has.

WHAT? How have I never noticed that before? Thanks OTO :slight_smile:

What’s neat about the Undo History, is that its both an undo and redo history, and you can chose anywhere in the history “timeline” to jump to.

The bottom of the list is the newest changes, the top of the list the oldest. Too bad they don’t make this more clear.

Blender uses Ctrl+Y too, but it also uses Ctrl+Shift+Z. Strange…

And, digiman, this probably would have been better posted in one of the support sections or something, not in news and discussion.

there’s an undo button? where?

didn’t know about the alt U, must give it a go.
Lightwave used to use “u” and “U” for undo and redo back in the day too!


Hi, just joined and I cannot find how to start an NEW thread, new question!!!

Anyway, my question is related to ‘undo’ CTRL-Z !

Since I have upgraded to 2.48 then 2.48a when modelling or doing anything in Blender… the keys suddenly start to get mixed up! So CTRL-Z brings up the Save Dialog!!! CTRL-W becomes undo!!! and W becomes (wireframe/solid…) toggle and Z itself becomes (boolean options) - and many others!!!

Just as suddenly, it fixes itself, but… then get mixed up again at another time!

WHAT - in the name of sanity is going ON!!!

It’s NOT my w/keyboard! If I go out of Blender into Word, or any text editor then all is OK! Come back into Blender and all is not OK, key Bindings MIXED up!

I need to get this sorted as its making Blender pretty useless!!! and driving me mad - arghhhhaa! help!


Perhaps you are getting into a different keyboard layout, AZERTY, QWERTZ, or something? What kind of keyboard do you have? (French, German, Spanish?)