Undo Problem

hello :slight_smile:

ive been having an annoying issue with a project im working on. Everytime i undo something (ctrl Z) the body of my snowman moves -10 Dx and -10 Dz. Its probably just a dumb mistake on my side, but its getting on my nerves, and a solution would be very handy

(the goal of the project is to make a sequence of pictures, with a snowman that slowly melts as the day goes on)

It’d be great if anyone can help me :slight_smile:

thanks in advance


PS: if needed i can post some pictures, just say the word

sounds like you moved the snowman a few times while trying to set key frames so naturally when you undo, the movements go back to prior positions, perhaps you hit grab abd then punched a number a few times. I recomend clearing all location information in animation scene by selecting all vertices at all keyframes and then using alt-I I believe select clear location, when you’re done save it and then start over and save periodically when you have it right.

You were right… i tryed doing an animation with it, but then i gave up, and just did pictures xD

there are 3 constant lines in the timeline window, but the alt-L does not seem to work =| i highlighted everything, and pressed it, but nothing happend, any idea how else i can undo this? :o