Undo/Redo doesn't work other than in Edit Mode?

Hi, I’m pretty new here. I’d been recently use Blender a lot, changed some inputs and installed some add-ons.

But I realized a while that I can’t undo anything on other mode except in Edit Mode.
When I’m either pressing Ctrl+Z or the Undo button on the tool tab, it just clearing the the history but no effects had been made on the scene. It used to work on any mode, but now it doesn’t functioning at all.

I don’t have a fix. I just wanted to add my own 2 cents on this subject. Hey Blender Rocket Scientists- we love stuff like Eevee, but not at the cost of unfixed chronic bugs (!!!).
Me, i’m just a human, and i make many mistakes, so a reliable universal Undo is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. This bug (and it is a long-standing universal bug that) drives many people off. (A bit like Blender’s non-searchable help! Hint.)
Me i’m deleting Blender and won’t check back for at least a year or two.