Undoing and Edgesplit??? HELP!!

(Sorry its supposed be “an” not “and”.)
I am currently working on a logo for myself, and on one of the letters I accidently applied an edgesplit, at least I’m pretty sure it was an edgesplit (Idid even notice untill I tried to smooth it all out. EVerything else worked finbe except that one letter.) Is there anyway to undo it or make it possible to smooth it like the rest of the letters. I just really don’t want to have to re-model it. Thanks.

If you think that is the modifier, go to the Editing Context (F9), and look in the Modifier Panel. Click the little X to delete the Edgesplit Modifier.

I don’t think you mean edgesplit, but that you accidentally marked sharp (?). Go into Edit Mode, and in the Mesh Tools 1 Panel, press Mark Sharp. If you have sharp edges, they will be highlighted. Select those edges and press Control E>Clear Sharp.

No luck. I mean it looks like it has a sharp on it but if it does it’s not showing up and I can’t delete it.

select all and then remove doubles (in the W specials menu) this will remove the duplicated edges. you may need to be in edge select mode for this, i am not sure.

It will work for the whole object if all are selected, or will work on just the selected vertices if you want to control the results a bit better.