Undoing something in 3D view undoes progress in text editor... help?

I’ve been doing some Python programming(I’m using the text editor) in the GE recently and I noticed that if I go to the 3D view, change an objects position, then undo it with ctrl-z, it undoes a whole lot of progress I made in the text editor. It’s very annoying. Is there a way to disable this feature?


This has got me a few times as well, as far as I can tell there is no way around it. Although I think this should really be classed as a bug, I am not sure if it is.

More of an undocumented feature… in short this sounds like undoing via Cntl-z is undoin your work in the text editor as well.
Only reason I can think of it doing that is because the typing in the text editor was done in between edits to the mesh proper; therefore blender feels it has to delete the text stuff in order to get to the mesh data.

Of course I could be wrong; the workaround is to save, save, and autosave.

I consider this a bug.

Use not Undo for it is evil and leads to loss of data and crashing.

I also noticed this bug! Really annoing!

Hi :grinning:

It’s 2020, 8 years after, and I am facing the same situation, is there any new way to get around this? (currently what I would do is copy of all the code in the text editor first before I undo scene actions then paste back the code :frowning_face:)