undrstanding UV

i 'm studying more about UV and tyrying to understand some of the specs

when you look into UV editor there are images
but it seems that you also have to put an image trhough the texture channel of a material

so what’s the realtionship here between theses images ?

is thre a maximum of uv image that you can set
like if you have 16 material per object and 10 texture channesl
does it means that it ouwld be limited to a maximum of 160 UV images?


The Images in the UV Editor are assigned to the TeXFace, which is a simple mapping ment for realtime Content and the textured Mode of the 3DView.
The images assigned through the materials buttons are usually for rendering.
Until 2.48
This clear difference is now getting a bit less important, because of GLSL you can use MatTextures as well for Games.
BTW 2.48 has 18 texture channels now.

i can still see only 10 channels in F5 ?

where can we see theses 18 channels
or is it something else ?

i did not see the doc in the release
do you know where to find it ?

now if i understand well
1- Textface image in UV editor
so this would be use only for texface mode which is not a reel high precision
no transparencies and shading is not very strong either as indicated in the wiki page

2 - when using image trhough the material and texture in UV mode that will be the most precise mapping in blender
and is there 160 = 10 textures x 16 materials image possible ?
that would not make any sense either i guess only 10 material can be assign to faces
is it ?

i’m trying to make a diagram showing theses relationshipt see pic
but notcertain how to show it ?


  1. The UV Editor is for editing the Layout of the UVs of an object.

  2. A image assigned in the UV editor is either for Editing purposes or for TexfaceMode
    (Games, 3DView - Textured Mode). This image won’t render by default.(But you can activate Texface in the MaterialButtons as well, if you want to render this more Gamelike Look).
    Once Uvs are created, Texface Options can be found in EditMode in the Ctrl+F Menu under FaceModeSet and in the EditButtons Texture Face Panel (Alpha too)

  3. In the MaterialButtons you mainly (before 2.48) assign Textures for rendering.
    There are more Options and Mapping Methods for the textures.
    If you fill up all 10 Texturechannels there will be one new Channel added until 18 (since 2.48)

About the 18 channels:

The limitation of how much textures can be used - I never tested it, because it’s enough for me anyway

what do you think of this layout

does it begin to make sense of UV system in Blender

see pic


For a basic understanding it may be O.K.

But using all this Tools is less restrictive than in your layout.
There are lots of combinations possible.

It depends on what you are producing in Blender.
The Tools are there, just combine them to your needs.

i mean there are so many ways to do things in blender with Textures
that with time you tend to forget what they are and some are relatively old
like textmeh that it’s amost not mention in the book

so i was this diagram as a memory help - doing this just as a reminder of most of the possibilities