unemployed (tips and tricks to get a job)

(Alltaken) #1

just recently i was looking for a job.

but there were none in the paper that were suitable for me.
none on the internet.
and student job search (a job finding organisation) have to much competion for jobs

competion for the limited jobs out there is large.

but wait there are heaps of jobs

i got a job within 20 mins of looking.

i painted a sign with my phone number and an email address ([email protected]) and also the words “holiday job wanted”

i then stood on a footpath next to the motorway at rush hour where the traffic was the slowest.

within 20 mins i had my first offer and within 1 hour i had three (all before rushhour had really started) i was asked to move by road workers who needed to work there (but that didn’t matter)

i accepted the first job.

a car showroom where i am now a groomer. (40 hour a week)

$10 an hour (that is good for students here)
and i get to drive all the cars accross the city for work or inspections to be done on them.
all of them 4wd with most being modified with turbos and mag wheels (fun job driving them)

so if you don’t have a holiday job (works even for full time/career) go get big bit of cardboard and stand by the road.

i also got offerd a job as a plasterer and at a bar (i am taking the part time bar job in january)

GO GET EM oh and heres the website for my new job to show the cars i drive and how there are good jobs out there www.montys.co.nz

(Timothy) #2

hahaha good one :slight_smile:

(IMProvisar) #3

Congrats! Hrm… but I dunno that I’d want a car from a place called “Monty’s”, hehe. Guess I’m just thinking of “Three Card Monty”, but that name carries some baggage.


(Titus) #4

I want to stay near the highway with a sign saying: “computer animation for food” but don’t think this will help.

(Clete2) #5

I’m 13, too young for a job :stuck_out_tongue:

but if you want to count hobbies, I do PHP scripts and will eventually make $ off of it :wink:

([email protected]) #6

Hi alltaken,

Congratulations :smiley: