Uneven brick textures in cycles

Hello, for some time I’ve been trying to make uneven procedural brick pattern in cycles like this one:

Unfortunately, I still didnt come up with any ideas how to make this procedurally. Also, I’m looking for a way to bevel or round corners of brick or checker patterns, but the only thing I can think of is crossed magic texture pattern which only gives evenly distributed rounded checker pattern.

Check here: [WIP] YAMA: Yet Another Masonry Addon

Thank you for the link, but, unfortunately, this is not what I’m looking for (I need a way to make such patterns in cycles/blender node editors, while this addon works with geometry).

I got something not a million miles away from this on my procedural patterns thread. I’m sure it would be possible to get something even closer using a combination of different nodes.


Perhaps have a play with running noise textures into the brick width and row height slots of the brick texture - see what that gives.