Unexpected Armature Deformation

I thought about how to ask this question, but couldn’t come up with anything that made sense, so I’m just going to provide a link to a portion of the model I’m trying to deform. I have a model I generated with Make Human, and I’m trying to learn how to create an armature. I created several vertex groups for the various parts of the feet, but ran into a seemingly bizarre issue I can’t solve. Two of my vertex groups for the little toe on the right foot deform fine if I move the bones of those vertex groups, but those same vertices don’t deform the same way when I move the bone for the foot itself. It’s hard to explain in words, so here’s the zipped .blend file for the portion of the model I’m having trouble with (and the leftovers from the body model that I didn’t delete):


It’s about 160KB zipped.

Why is the little toe not deforming properly when the main foot bone is moved, but deforms (more or less) fine when the little toe bones themselves are moved?

Because the pinky bone on the other foot has influence on it, which makes it want to stay in place (since the other pinky is not moved). Once the influence is removed it will behave properly :yes:

I fought with this problem for days before giving up, and that was a few months ago. If I had much hair left, I would be ripping it out right about now… -lol-. I even went through each bone looking for mistakenly added vertices, but somehow didn’t see it.

I removed the vertices from the left little toe vertex group, and the model deforms correctly now. Thanks for the help -hangs his head in shame-

lol awww… don’t feel bad about it! I’m all about characters, so I’ve been rigging in Blender for awhile now :slight_smile: You begin to recognize these issues, and know where to look for them. As soon as I moved the foot bone in your file, I knew it was a weight paint issue because of the way it looked. If it flipped or pinched, then I would know it was a constraint or orientation issue… etc… you get a feel for it :slight_smile:

I hope you finish that character, because the modeling on the foot is really good! I wanna see it move! :smiley:

I wish I could claim credit for the modeling, but I just generated it from Make Human so I would have something to use for learning rigging. My modeling skills are sub-par, to be kind.

You did mention that in your first post too… I’m sorry it slipped my mind :o.

I still wanna see it move though :smiley: