Unexpected Benchmark performance

Hello guys,

I have been using the Benchmark of the barbershop on my 1080ti and it takes about 18mins.


On that site however it says the Founders Edition of the card already performs this task in 8mins 32seconds

Can anybody test with a similar card and tell me if mine is super slow or something changed inside Blender? All the other Benchmarks also take longer than suggested on that site. BMW for example also takes 2:20 mins. Which is in line with this thread (GTX 1080 Ti Various Benchmarks (BMW, Classroom, fishy cat))
I am using 2.79b (from 22 March 2018)

Thanks in advance.

The render times from the data sheet are much faster as they used the master branch (around November) with all the improvements in Cycles, not v2.79b release.
Here are my results with v2.79b - all times are pure path tracing times.

For reference, here are the full render times with 1080Ti (GPU rendering only, Ryzen 5 1600 as host CPU):
barbershop_interior_gpu WIN - Time: 18:53
barbershop_interior_gpu LNX - Time: 15:14
These times include scene setup and BVH building, hence the difference. And this scene is particularly slower on Win10.

Thank you so much for the answer and sharing your results.
That explains a lot. I was worried my card was broken or underperforming :smile:
And I am on Win10. So it seems to be fine then.