Unexpected Blender shut-down during video editing and just after installing


I just installed the Blender 2.82 version. Windows platform

The next steps have been done:

using videoediting mode

  1. Configure Edit->Preferences -Add-ons-Load images as planes - ON
  2. Editor type -> 3D View port (after this step the program is inactive as 1 second)
  3. Viewport shading -> Rendered

… and the program closes abruptly. I have reinstalled and same problem

Any idea or fix for the issue?

thanks in advance,

This simple sequence of actions leads to a abruptly closure of Blender 2.82.

  1. File > New > General
  2. Use the middle mouse button to slide the tabs at the top until you see the plus icon (+), click that, choose Video Editing > Video Editing.
  3. Select editor type “3D Viewport”
  4. Set Shading mode “Rendered” and Blender 2.82 closes abruptly

Any idea will be welcome