unexpected dinner guest

I made this cranefly(daddy longlegs) model to complement the spider I created a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to place the two in a nice natural setting, however with the first scene I made I ran into memory crash problems so this is a more simple set up to the one which was originally intended.


Here’s an early test render of my first scene I may try and revisit it later to see if some tweaking might produce a decent image. Thanks for looking.


Looks cool. I think the one thing that makes it stand out as obviously CG is the high quality models and lower quality background texture. Maybe if you could try and mimik the low quality look on your models it would look really photorealistic. Looking good all around though!

Thanks for your thoughts Crititrozoz, I’ll return to this little project over the weekend and rework the background. Having so many crashes over the past couple of days got me a bit frustrated causing me maybe to call it quits before I ought to.