Unexpected emission

Hi everyone,

When adding a non-emitting cloud texture to an emitting object I have an unexpected result, or at least I find it unexpected… see attached image

Is this how textures should work? or am I missing the point here… :confused:




If the material has emit set to 1, it emits the color information.
If you want emission only from the red areas, you could set a negative(-1) emission value in the texture.

Hope it helps.

Thanks flaviopontes, I tried a few different combinations as shown in the image below.

I guess the conclusion is:

If your material has an emit value you have no control over the texture emission appearance… :eek: …there’s probably a bigger picture here that I don’t see…

Does anyone know about any good book or webpage that discuss/describe texturing using blender?

…from google I stumbled across a bunch tutorial pages showing off all sorts of staggering effects, but they all take a point-and shoot (or point-and-click) approach, no description or discussion…



are you using indirect lighting here ?

have a look at wiki page for volume it does gie some ideas
also check out the thread on Volume from NRK
but it’s along one and somwhere in the middle there is a good description how Teture on volume and emission ect…
works given by the creator of it!

and for IL in 2.5 it is still a WIP and not completed yet only work mostly with approximate not raytrace!

happy 2.5

Hi RickyBlender,

Yes, this is with indirect lightning… I first noticed this when I followed Ben’s this tutorial at


to make the Sun shown below.

The Sun image consist of a series of texture layers with emit values in the region 1 - 1.5, but the thing is, it means nothing. If the emit value is set to 0 or 100 has no influence on the final image what so ever…

however, if the material emission is set to 0, then the texture emission can be adjusted…


you can find a file here at


and it works nicely

happy 2.5