Unexpected problem when linking from library

I am: - Creating complex objects (machines) in a library blender-file. - Starting a new blend-file and linking to the appropriate scenes in the library files. - Attempting then to link the objects from those linked scenes into a new blank scene from which to render.
What I’m seeing (latest version of Blender as well as earlier) is that many of the machine’s components are not visible in that new blank scene, and the rotation and other attributes of the components are wacked.
Looking at the Blender source-code (editobject.c, I think) the problem is not obvious.

Experiences? Ideas?

Invisible objects may be on other layers. Press ~ to turn all the layers on and look.

Objects in the wrong place may be parented to objects in the origional blend which you haven’t imported into the new scene. Clear the parent with Alt+P (choose “keep transform”) in the library.

Just guesses though, as close as I can get without more details :wink:

Caution: “MBF” Alert! (MBF = momentary brain fart) :wink:

I went back, very carefully, and tried it again. This time, I noticed how some layers were not, in fact, visible in all of the imported scenes. (They’d been saved with some layers turned off.) A few more minutes of fiddling and I found that everything did, in fact, work perfectly.

My sequence of actions is this: - Open a new blank blender file, with its default scene Scene1. (My objective is to link my machines to this scene and start building a new scene for my picture.) - With Shift+F1 or File…Append, select a library file. - Link a scene in that library (let’s call it Machine1Scene) to the current project. - Switch to that scene. - Select all objects. - With Ctrl+L or the spacebar Object menu, Link objects … to Scene … Scene1. - Switch to Scene1 and make sure the objects are there. Look at the object-list (Shift+F4) and observe that the link-count for each is, properly, at least “2.” - Repeat the preceding for other libraries.
Interestingly, I notice that sometimes on my second pass through this process (never the first…) the “Link” menu does not appear. Not with Ctrl+L; not with the Object menu. This is with all the objects in the (library) scene selected. The pop-up menu simply doesn’t show.

Yet if I keep fiddling some more, “suddenly it works again.”

I’ve looked again at the code in editobject.c and still don’t see (yet) why that popup menu does not pop. There’s not a lot of code that could be blocking it. Oh well…