Unexplained Light Source

i’ve gone through the WHOLE scene looking for what’s making this light and i just can’t find it, is there something i’m doing wrong?

i need to get rid of all the light sources so i can light the game from scratch

thanks in advance

Yes, I magically know exactly what your problem is without being able to take a peek at a blend file, or even having the slightest idea of what I’m looking at.

…did you try checking if there are any hidden lights? check the outliner (with all layers selected) or press alt-h.
If you want to start from scratch, why not start from scratch? make a new blank blend file and you’re good to go.

stupid as it sounds, i thought that i may be a commonly recurring problem.

here’s the blend file

the reason i didn’t put it out at first is cause it’s for a school project and i can’t let it get out and about, 'cause they’d probably fling me out on my ear

the colour of your texture gives the impression of a light source. check it out in the UV editor

As stupid as it sounds, I was angry at other things and I vented a little here. I apologize for being an ass.
Also, yeah, it’s the blended background in your texture that gives the impression of being lit, there’s not actually a light there.

Also, what I usually do if I have a question about a scene that I don’t want people to see, is recreate the issue in another blend, leaving out everything I don’t want people to see yet. Hell, half the time I do that, I figure out what my problem was in the first place.

if that’s texture face, then it’s the ambient. you can’t fix that.

is there any-way to fix it?
should i just make the texture really dark?

and no hard feelings captain.

Try adding a lamp with energy set to 0.

All your meshes are shadeless, if you want them shaded, you have to make a material and a texture for exach one of them and go to Game > Multitexture in the top of the screen (you can leave some objects shadeless by not making a meterial for them).

Instead of making your texture darker, you should make it “plain” (that means no blending background, sorry for my english). and create a lamp to iluminate the scene.