Unexplored Cave

On a recent trip to the UK I had the pleasure of visiting Cheddar Gorge (home of cheddar cheese!), and got to explore some real rock caves. As I walked through the cool, damp rock corridors, I wondered how scary it must have been for the first explorers…

This is to capture that moment - when a new cave is discovered for the first time…

Created a tutorial too: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/how-to-make-a-cave/

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Very nice Andrew, I particularly like the bioluminescent mushrooms.

Looks cool, especially the glowing mushrooms :smiley:
I follow a lot of your tutorials and I’ll make sure to check that one out.
One question, were there really stalagmites but no stalagtites?

I don’t know why but i have the feeling that the glowing gem looks fake.Just my opinion, but great tutorial as always and wow there are glowing mushrooms in the real world .:spin:

There’s way too much burnout in the bottom half of the gems, and what compounds that issue is that it’s the biggest, brightest, and most front and center object in the scene. I think what you might want to do is toy around with the new color management and curve options because the curve mapping especially with the ‘raw’ color type can dramatically decrease the burnout issue.

The back part of the image where the save entrance is also seems to have a noticeable enough decrease in detail to decrease the quality.

However, the glowing mushrooms along with much of the lighting, shading, and inner-cave detail looks pretty nice.


 I know that Cycles dose not have Vol Lighting so good job for not having the right tools for the light outside the cave cumming in! Love the shrooms, but if I where to add something and I plan on it when i do your tort is to mask the top of the shrooms with some noise so that the light is different on each one. Taking a page out of your book and placing an empty to reffrence the noise patterne so that placement of the shrooms makes different noise maps. I like the back part with the figure and the rock catching the light was perfect placement really adds to the image. 

Could use some cave moss or some other kind of alive growing item I think but you only have so much you can do in your torts so way more than I could do in the hourish you do it in. Good job man and Keep it up love your work!

Hey Andrew, Great job again, wonderful tutorial! :slight_smile: Welcome back!

Beautiful Work :smiley: