This is a sort of tribute to pretty much everything else I regularly try to do with blender.


…that’s a good point of view…

Kinda reminds me of myself.

Nice model.

this piece makes me smile, the only thing that bothers me is the ground plane. try setting it to only shadow so that there is no harsh horizon line

reminds me of myself too.

How did you get the horizon? Just scaling a plane up, or is there some other trick to it?
I like it, Now it just needs to overlook a junkyard full of all those unfinished works. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this. Ironically, as a piece of art, it has a very finished look.

good… now finish it :smiley:

same as what blenditall said.

Wow… that’s a lot more comments than I’m used to getting :slight_smile:

Atemporalskill: yeah, the horizon is just a plane. In fact, if anyone has their own system for doing decent horizons, I’d love to hear it.

_LsBlend: wow, I didn’t know I could do that. The result looks pretty good, only now the horizon line isn’t harsh enough, and the building’s just floating in white. If a little tweaking yields any improvements, I’ll replace the image with the modified one.

nice and funny, though so simple. I gues you used AAO? since it shows some overshading on the floor, which can be eliminated with using more passes, or using the standard ao for it.