Unfold mesh in Viewport

Is there a script or add-on that can deform/unwrap a mesh in the viewport to match its UV map like Houdini does in this video ?

If I’m not mistaken Surface Follow has a component tool that will flatten a shape to match its UVs.

EDIT: I was correct. He shows how it works at 4:00 in the video. It creates a shapekey for the flattened shape. If you just want the flat shape, that shapekey can be moved to the top of the list… enter and exit edit mode… then choose delete all shapes from the little triangle drop down menu.

Awesome, thank you SkpFX. That’s very close to what I’m looking for. There are some bugs with the result (the UV islands don’t match perfectly everywhere in my case) and It would be best if the UV islands would be positionned accordingly as well but that shouldn’t be too hard to do manually.

Solved !
Now there is an option in the add-on to match exactly the UV map :