Unfold transition

Great! thanks liero, awesome script!!, do you think it could some how made realtime?, like changing parameters and that they’d be changed in front of you?..

Man i love it, it’s awesome :smiley:

@liero: what a nice toy :slight_smile: thank you, it’s pleasure as usual :slight_smile:

(robot model from blendswap.com/blends/view/13609 by Nick Royer (hjmediastudios)

@vklidu glad you liked it, that robot animation looks great
@electronicpulse I don’t think it could work that way as these are keyframed bones, but you can -up to some point- tweak the mesh and rerun the scripts

Still playing around with this script…

If anyone would like to add a little “bounce” to the scale as it flips around consider adding another keyframe that over shoots the scale then quickly returns to a scale of 1.0.

            if not wm.flip:
                b.keyframe_insert('scale', frame = t )
<i>                b.scale = (1.2, 1.2, 1.2)</i>
<i>                b.keyframe_insert('scale', frame = (t + wm.sca_time)-4)</i>
                b.scale = (1, 1, 1)
                b.keyframe_insert('scale', frame = t + wm.sca_time)

The italicised code is the new code. Note, hardcoding a -4 frames so scale time must be 5 or better for this to work. 1.2 scale is the size of the bounce so choose what you think is best.

that’s a fun feature to add, thanks Atom

edit: maybe it makes more sense if applied to rotation…?
here’s a try, will better test later: https://db.tt/12PKhe9j

edit: added something like this to script…

liero: Another nice feature might be to add vertex groups. While good topology does help this effect, there are certain times when it would be nice to able to “group” a few faces together and have the script consider them as a single element. Is there a way to do this with your script in it’s current form or would that require more code?

Liero, you are really on to something here. This Addon, along with the script that you added for smoothing the resulting mesh, is what has been missing from Blender’s motion graphics tool kit. Thank you!!
Would it be possible to combine the Addon and the smoothing script into one?

hi Martin welcome to forum, and glad you found this useful… the smoothing script is not that nice as a solution, even if it can be improved a lot yet, the answer would be a modifier: eversimo said something about new explode modifier, and there’s been some talkings about a more generic bmesh one

Atom: script is pretty dumb, it will separate all faces, for anything more advanced you should manually split the mesh and use Emu’s tools linked in first post

Amazing script, thank you. BTW is any way to reverse the animation?

select it all in the dopesheet, put your cursor in the middle of the anim and hit S, then -1, enter

Ah ok nice yeah I know I just couldn’t find keys in action editor.
Thank you!

I am impressed by some of these test videos. I am going to download it and give it a shot on 2.68b Win 64 I will let you know my results

Ok I installed it and tired it out. I got Suzanne to build and her faces to flip. But I still do not know what all the buttons and sliders do. I know it works but just do not know what I am doing while using it.

added a simple description of parameters to first post, hope it helps
you may need to first work on your mesh to get something useful from script

awesome addon! I love it!

What a nice addon. I love it. Here’s my attempt (rendered with thea render)

@warnotte: That is prety neat. How many times did you run the script? Is that just one massive mesh or is it separate objects each with it’s own transition script run?

@Atom:Thank you. I run the script for each mesh : Floor, Ceiling, wall, door, window, glass,… with different values

And another exemple …

I really like this “addon” :slight_smile:

good one warnotte, looks like you managed to make flipping faces work even with uvs…