Unhelpful Error message "Python Script Error: Check Console"

Hi I’m a total newbie, trying to install Primstar 1 on Ubuntu 12 / Python 2.6 / Blender 2.49b.

Getting the error message “Python Script Error: Check Console” whenever I try to run Primstar scripts.

Exactly how do I ‘Check Console’?

I also tried to access the “System Information” in the Help menu but all I got was “Please check the system-info.txt” in the text editor window".

Now, I’ve spent over an hour scouring the net to get as far as needing to open the ‘text editor’ window…

What next? I can’t see anything that looks like a file called "system-info.txt.

Text > Open (Alt-O) just result in an even more confusing window. If I click on the ‘full screen’ (Ctrl-DownArrow) button I get a list of folders and file but nothing coming close to ‘system-info.txt’. Where has Blender put this file? Am I even doing it right? Maybe the system information screen can tell me… Oh wait!

Frankly, this is possibly the most frustrating 2 hours of my life. Please, please can someone put me out of my misery.

I’d use 2.6 if the scripts I had would run on it but they don’t.

Exactly how do I ‘Check Console’?
The console is the small second window that opens when you run blender. This will output any error message details. What does the test in this window say ?

There is no small second window. On my Windows 7/Blender 2.6 setup, I can see the command window style windows behind the main Blender screen but there’s nothing like this on my Ubuntu / 2.49 setup.

Could it be that Python is not linked to Blender properly? How can I check that?

In Linux you only get the little console window if you start Blender from the terminal. If you started Blender from an icon or menu, the console output will be in the Linux terminal that started your xWindows session.

What are primstar scripts?

Thanks, well that’s a start. At least I now know I wasn’t going mad and it was MindBlender after all.

Next stop finding the “system-info.txt” file

Primstar is a set of scripts that help create, edit, import and export Second Life ‘sculpt’ maps. Trying to get V1 working just to see if it’s worth paying for V2. Unfortunately V1 only works on 2.4 so…