Uni Project

Hi, so i started using blender a few months ago before i started my 3D modelling class just to get use to the interface and everything else blender. I got the project brief and it says design inside a house or a street or somthing similar. So i started to model a jail using blender.

Then i read on in the brief and they want it to be in 3Ds Max 8. which is a problem. They are going to be marking it on how well i use pollys and so forth. And just general quality.

Is there anyway i can export it? i have tried using the export 3ds but i open with 3ds max and it comes up with imporper file format. then i used .obj and it comes out as one object and my toutor wont be able to see the individual objects used in creating it.

Any help would be great cus i know more in blender than i do in 3Ds max.

Cheers Sam

I dont really know max but

I would export the whole thing as an obj and also export each object as an obj

Id use the combined obj as a guide and import each of the seperate objs an place them in the right place, then delete the combined obj

There may be a better way but this is just how I’d get round it. Either that or send the ‘Blender boys’ round to beat on your lecturer until he accepts .blend files…lol