Uni Racer: My Custom F1 Model

I think theres some car design contest around this time of year. I couldnt find out for sure, but it got me in the mood to model a custom racer, so here it is:
And a rcae shot:
Render and setup specs:
Blender internal
One sun light, and one hemi(bluish),
and one spot with buffer shadows for…shadows
It took, like, 1min 30 sec(with subsurf 3)
um…actaully thats about it, no AO or anything. I obviously used the composite nodes for the glow/blur effect(one Im quickly becoming addicted to) . Any C&C welcome, Please VOTE(yeah, Im subtle, huh?) as you see fit.
Unless your going to give me a bad vote :wink:
Yeah, so thats all i guess

oh yeah, and if anyone knows of any suh car design contests, let me know…

There is this contest: http://www.peugeot-concours-design.com/index_en.htm
Only one I know of, just two days till end.
Good looking racer, try sending it, you never know…

ha, Ive seen other entries, Im out of luck :slight_smile: thx for the link tho

Blender F1 Challenge

Nicely done. Intriguing and smart use of lighting!

@liso: thanks…
@could9nimbus: Thanks, I was going pretty simplistic(its like a 40 minute model) but still wanted to get it to look as nice as possible…