I posted this on blender.org forums but i thought that the artists might also like to comment. Does anyone know whaty exactly the Uni-Verse project is? I see that it says that the Blender Foundation will get 140,000 euros thats alot of money. I wondered what you think it should be spent on.
Heres some of the ideas i have come up with:

  1. Professional Programmers to implement wanted features
  2. Professional Web Developers to set up a more interactive and central site covering artists and developers. With such such features as all the forums, python plugins, textures, art galleries, tutorials. etc…
  3. Professional Artists to use Blender to create a mind blowing show reel
  4. Give all the moeny to Ton
  5. Maybe employ someone to create better tutorials
  6. Spend it on illegally reverse engineering other 3D software such as lightwave, max and maya. And then steal features that we want in blender.
  7. Have some really big Blender related parties in several Countries (UK, Holland, Maybe a couple in the US) And have pre paid for Drink and food
  8. Buy a supercompter and a programmers to program the supercomputer to implement new features thus negating the need for programmers.
  9. Donate a bit to the Python team, because Blender is pretty reliant on it.
  10. Give it all to me

Over 3 years…
That’s already alot less money, not even the paychecks for two competent employees here in Canada.

I wondered what you think it should be spent on.

This is a grant : one isn’t free to spend it on just anything but on what the grant aims at promoting. Here that would be the Verse protocol, likely making Blender using it.


And I replied in .org but I’m not sure my reply resonated well with you there. Let me try again :smiley:

Verse ‘came to blender’ via Eskil, it’s kinda his baby. But it has nothing at all to do with blender. Nothing! (It is envisaged to be able to apply to all kinds of software) I guess Eskil approached Ton (I won’t say any more out of respect but you can guess why) and they were part of the ‘Project Proposal’ initiative that motivated the grant. If you have read the relevant posts you will know that there are many institutions that will share the grant and the responsibility of pulling it off.

Knowing that you can already see where a lot of the money will go. But just consider this: what do you think it would cost to do just one patent (or copyright) search (international) and have the legalities sorted out to be able to release just one piece of code?

I think that having the foundation involved is already worth more than the money involved.


And this morning I note that Eskil has addressed about everything I said above.