Unico Furniture (commercial project)

This is one of my latest commercial projects.
A series of images produced for Unico furniture Company. UNICO company has been active in the furniture sector since 1973. Almost 50 years of experience in furniture manufacturing make UNICO a constantly growing Greek company.

The project included modelling, texturing and rendering studio shots and full scenes.(Almost 100 products).

Responsible for the art-direction of the project was Altervision

All modelling and rendering done in Blender.
All post-production in Darktable

You can see the whole project in higher resolution here.


Really amazing job @SunBurn . Truly professional. As always, highly realistic renders and a great, warm sense of lighting in the scenes.

Nice rendering method. I like those reflections. I tried imitating
that a few days ago from:

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nice work broo i like it
keep it up :wink:

You’re #featured! :+1:

this is so amazing

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Thank you all for kind words

Nice work there with Eevee.
I’m experimenting with Eevee too,
but still can’t control accurately lighting and reflections.
(Everything looks too glossy in Eevee).:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A couple more images


Really impressive post production. Well played, dude!

@ hndhmn, @crystalbrincks
Thank you both!

Hi, great work. Absolutely amazing. Which render engine is used here?



‘Cycles’ as a render engine and ‘Filmic’ in CM.
Without ‘Filmic’ none of this would be possible :wink:

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

All the best! Great work!


Great work!
Love the Bed and the wrinkels on the chair.
Filmic CM really is a blessing.

The textures and materials are incredible. What do you use ? Do you shoot your own or do you buy them ? What’s your process ? Thanks !

All textures are based in samples provided by the client, since maximum accuracy was a must.
Some of them were scanned, some were based on “in situ” photos, some were made from scratch or/and using other images as a starting base followed by heavy manipulation.
All of them were made tillable & colour corrected.

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