This is a little something. Used reference http://e-advancement.csupomona.edu/film/gallery/arabian.html


You’ve got everything in the right place – 10pts for that :slight_smile: (horses are hard to do).

Seems a little ghostly to me… very monochromatic. I’d personally like to see a little contrast in there…

Reminds me of Andrea Mantegna’s Dead Christ.

I can´t take all the credit for that drawing. The horse I draw was almost exactly as this http://e-advancement.csupomona.edu/film/gallery/arabian_horse/images/horse%20show%20Buckingham_jpg.jpg but I drew it by hand on paer and looking at the computer screen. Then photoshopped it a little. I could never draw from head. Thats hard.

Thanks for the comments. :wink:

great work! i think you can take a lot of credit for this, photos are just reference, and this is really pulled off well.

hope you dont mind but i did some photoshop of my own to reall focus on the best detail of the head, and to bring out some of the strong white color.

great stuff man!